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Nucleus of a sperm cell

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Structure, Functions and Types of Mature Sperms in |Biology


the two chromosomes that make up a matched pair in a diploid cell. homologous chromosomes are of the same length, centromere position, and staining pattern and possess alleles for the same genes at corresponding loci. One homologous chromosome is inherited from the . The head of the sperm contains enzymes that will help break the egg barrier. Answer and Explanation: The nucleus of the sperm cell contains the genetic material (DNA). The nucleus also helps control the sperm cell while it seeks out the ovum. In plants a similar structure develops when a pollen grain (male) germinates on the stigma of a receptive flower.

Nucleus of a sperm cell
Nucleus of a sperm cell

In humans, spermatozoa determine the gender of the baby-to-be, which means that they can carry either the X or the Y chromosome. The function of spermatozoa is to fertilize the egg cell during nucleus of a sperm cell, creating a new organism called zygote that will develop from embryo to fetus during the 9 months of pregnancy. Human sperm cells are haploid, which means that they contain 23 chromosomes. The sperms, spermatozoa or sperm cells are the male sex cells. Their function is to combine with the female sex cell and create a completely nucleus of a sperm cell organism.

Nucleus of a sperm cell
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